How are you really?

Peacock Poetry

Often when we are asked how we are we give a stock response, assuming this to be a social gesture rather than an genuine inquiry. Whilst this is one way of passing the day and making contact, in responding in this generic way we are bypassing an opportunity for genuine connection. Sharing how we truly feel is a door opener. How are you today?

Checking In

The answer to “How are you?” is not always “I’m ok”

Life deals us many challenges, won’t always go our way

When we placate, play down our state, pretending all is perfect

Our message does not resonate, our sense of self, we hurt it

The answer to “How are you?” can be different to “I’m fine”

Each one of us goes through a range of sad and happy times

This time of year, although there’s cheer, there’s also grief and suffering

To let our…

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