As I am

Peacock Poetry

I’m often given feedback that my presence creates permission. Permission to feel. Permission to be vulnerable. To be a bit different. To be out-of-the-box. The choice to be authentic is one that liberates ourselves and others. It is a daily goal and sometimes I get there and others I don’t. Who are you at your most authentic?

If you missed my recent podcast episode on Authenticity, tune in here:


There’s is great beauty in the truth of being our most real

We really don’t have time to lose, how do you truly feel?

It’s time to seize with love and ease who deep down we’re becoming

If all we do’s conform and please then from ourselves we’re running

There is great healing in the giving of our raw expression

Each time we choose ourselves we’re living and we’re walking lessons

Let’s not run away from duty ourselves to…

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