Constant Inspiration

Peacock Poetry

Every now and again people ask me where I get the inspiration from to write on a daily basis. The truth is, it’s just a matter of curiosity. Literally anything that we look at with openness can become something to create from. On the odd occasion that I feel stuck, then I simply write from that feeling. Wishing you an inspired Friday!

Tapping In

Inspiration can be found in every nook and cranny

Stay open to the sights and sounds and messages uncanny

No need to grasp, on tight to clasp, invite a state receiving

Observe the things that come to pass before you and keep breathing

Inspiration can be found in corners dark and dusty

Keep curiosity around – a friend that’s wise and trusty

A breadcrumb trail, you cannot fail, may your eyes be detectives

Each moment comes with its own tale when your soul’s introspective

Within each…

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