Moving on 🆙

Peacock Poetry

It was so joyful to be able to jog again yesterday morning! I wasn’t fast or grateful but I felt free and my energy could move. I felt so energised all day long and remembered all over again what it feels like to be in motion. When we choose to move physically, so many other areas of our lives are impacted.


Our energy must circulate in order to stay fresh

If we don’t budge then we stagnate, with stuckness we’re enmeshed

Each time I move, I’m in the groove and I find my solutions

The great outdoors is where I choose to cleanse my soul’s pollution

Get up and go, and let them know, you’re up for it, get vibing

The more you reap, the more you sew, ignite your spark, start thriving

I try not to procrastinate, shift smoothly, synchromesh

Our energy must circulate in order to stay…

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