Coming Through

Peacock Poetry

There is a bench that I go to near home (see image) when I want to sit and be with my Dad. It brings me great comfort to know that there is a special place I can go to to be with him. A few days ago on approaching the bench I saw that a message had been written in the freshly fallen snow; Live every Moment. Whilst a random stranger had written this message, it felt so timely and like my Dad was channeling a message to me. And so I wrote!

Crafted in the Snow

Live every moment

Feel every word

Receive your soul’s atonement

Embrace what feels absurd

Sense every pin drop

The hairs that stand on end

Open your soul’s window

Lift up your dearest friends

Bless each tear falling

Soften with each smile

Aliveness is our calling

Send love across the miles

Your message may…

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