Happy Holly Daze

It was a bright sunny day in late December. I was sitting on a bench reading a book glancing up from time to time to see what was going on around me. I was looking down at my book, and a strange feeling came upon me. I peeked and saw a beautiful red-haired woman with a bright smile sitting next to me. Her hair flowed from beneath her Santa hat onto the shoulders of her red sweater with lights that lit up on and off. She wore black leggings that went halfway down her calf, and she was barefoot with some mistletoe tied to her right big toe.

“Hello.” I smiled at her.

“Merry Christmas!” She smiled with a twitch in her face. “It is so nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too,” I said. “You are very Christmassy today.”

“Thank you.” She stretched her bare feet across my lap. “I am Holly Daze.”

“Holly Daze?” I thought it was a cute name for a cute lady. “I like your name.”

“Thank you,” she had a gleeful joy about her. “When I am happy, you can call me Happy Holly Daze.”

“What a very cute name.” I grinned. “I hope that you can get something good for Christmas.”

Another woman with bright red hair came to the bench wearing a red shirt, green leggings with red socks and black flat shoes, and she sat opposite of where Holly was seated.

“Oh,” Holly blurted as she was rubbing her foot across my lap, “this is Carol Ling.”

Carol gave me a kiss on my cheek.

“Now I see Christmas Carol Ling. You are not going to sing, are you?” I thought that I should ask the question.

“Nope,” said Carol. “I will give you something instead.”

She peeled off her right sock and handed it to me. “Whatever you pull out of my sock is yours.”

I hesitated, but then I reached in, and I pulled out a set of car keys.

“The Range Rover is right over there.” She pointed to a white Range Rover parked in a nearby parking space.

“Thank you,” I said to her.

She kissed me again. “You are very welcome.” She put her sock back on. “I hope that you enjoy it.”

“Would you both like a ride?” I shook the keys.

They looked at each other.

We got into the Range Rover. Carol sat in the back seat. Holly sat in the passenger seat. She took her shoes and socks off and put her bare feet on the dashboard. As we went off, I was enjoying my Happy Holly Daze and Christmas Carol Ling.

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