Losing Gain

Peacock Poetry

Last week I put a twenty franc note in my pocket on my run and on finishing discovered that I had lost it somewhere along the way. After the feelings of frustration and self-criticism had passed, I began to see the gift in this and wrote the following lines.


I dropped a note upon my way, no trace of it thereafter

I heard my inner critic say; could you do something dafter?

My heart it sank for twenty francs gone awol can’t help hurting

But shortly afterwards gave thanks; the universe was flirting

For we are told we must keep hold of that which we most treasure

and yet when letting go unfolds, there is far greater pleasure

A mental test, yet for the best, a lightbulb in me lighting

We can’t possess our happiness, it comes from the inviting

Yes nothing’s ever here to stay but love and…

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