The Field of Standing Stones

A wounded soldier was limping across a green field from two enemy soldiers who were shooting at him.  He was heavily bleeding on his arms, legs and chest.  As the enemy was getting closer, he tried to fire back, but he was out of bullets.  He saw a line of standing stones, and limped towards them hoping that the stones could shield the enemy fire.  He got past the line of stones, and he started running but stopped.  He looked back and saw that the two men were gone.  He looked at himself and saw that he was no longer wounded.  There was no blood anywhere on his body.  His uniform had no holes.  He looked at the line of standing stones looking at the ones on the left and the ones on the right.  Then he looked at the field on the other side and the field on his side.  It was all green.  He turned and walked away.

            It was extremely cold.  The snow was falling hard, and it was getting deep.  He was all bundled up from head to foot trudging as hard as he could through the deep snow.  The winds were battering him in every direction, but he pressed forward.  Then, in an instant, he was on a green field.  He was very delusional.  He looked around and saw nothing but green grass, but then he saw a line of standing stones.  He walked between the stones, and, in an instant, he was in an extreme snowstorm.  He stepped back and found himself in a green field.  He took off his hat and coat as he was getting warm.  He looked around, and he moved on.

            A kid was running across an open grassy field as he was trying to escape from three bullies who had beaten him up.  The bullies were getting closer, but he ran as fast as he could.  He ran through a line of standing stones, and he gained super powers.  The three bullies ran towards him, but he turned towards them.  With his laser eyes he vaporized the first bully.  The other two stopped.  They looked at him, and they stepped closer to him.  He blew cold air on another bully, and he was incased in a block of ice.  The last remaining bully was stunned.  He charged him, but punched the bully so hard that he flew so far away.  He crossed his arms and knew he was now safe.

            A woman was walking across a field coated in thick mud.  There was mud in her hair, mud on her face, mud covering her torn dress and on her arms.  Mud was covering her arms, fingers, legs, and it was thick between her toes.  She saw a line of standing stones and thought that it was interesting how the stones were aligned.  She walked through the stones, and an instant feeling came upon her.  She felt different.  She looked at her hands and saw that they were clean.  She saw her arms.  She saw herself wearing a white laced dress.  She felt her hair, and it felt so clean.  She looked down at her feet.  All the mud was gone.  She wiggled her toes.  She rubbed her feet on the grass.  She looked at the line of standing stones.  She sensed that there was a magic within them.  From there, she continued on her merry way.

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