Deer Ones

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday was a dark and misty morning and all the more important to venture out and get some fresh air first thing on days like those. Whilst walking up the hill I spied three deer in the distance. Their silhouettes against the mist seemed to carry a message and one which was timely and resonant.

Deary Me

Three deers transpired through the mist

one mid November morning

Some answers you cannot enlist, they turn up without warning

All will beg well, go cast your spells, for magic you are weaving

No need for you your soul to sell, trust on and keep believing

They soon fled by into the sky of chilly drizzled layers

I didn’t not even catch their eye but know they brought good prayers

There is an even greater faith within me now aborning

Thanks to the deer that helped me see that mid November morning

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