Just Because ❤️

Peacock Poetry

Everyday we are faced with opportunities to turn towards or away from love. It is almost as if we are thrown a series of sometimes mundane situations that give us the chance to show up lovingly or otherwise. When we love without condition we love for love’s sake alone. We consciously choose to bring our heart into the matter. Because in the end that’s all that matters.


Love fully and yet unattached

For it is then you’ll meet your match

When we try less then we attract

Our letting-go has strong impact

Love freely and love without strings

Let life towards you treasures bring

You’re full of charismatic zing

Play with this universal fling

Love passionately, love with verve

Stay open to the learning curves

Go with the twists and peaks and swerves

Love wildly through your deeds and words

Yes may it fly, no need to catch


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