That’s my Cat 🐈 💗

Peacock Poetry

My baby tiger has appeared in many a poem and continues to be a quirky source of inspiration! He is full of character and love and now that the nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder he is seeking even more cuddle time on me, in particular on my soft star blanket.

Tiger Spells

You are a warm and furry friend

My love for you it has no end

You knead my blanket with your paws

You’re special, cherished and adored

Dear Tiger if you only knew

There’s nothing that we wouldn’t do

To keep you happy, well and safe

You stripy gorgeous loved nutcase

Your cheekiness keep us amused

As do your diva cries for food

One moment roaring, next you yelp

Soon after butter-wouldn’t-melt

Drew tells me a soft-touch I tend

to be with you, dear tiger friend

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