Magical Magnets

Peacock Poetry

Although we humans spend a lot of time beautifying and decorating our outer selves. it is our essence that is most attractive. When we allow our truest self to shine through then we are like magnets, pulling what’s meant for us towards us with ease and today’s poem is all about this process!


Your essence radiates allure

You’re beautiful at your most pure

Within your most authentic states

Your true charisma radiates

When you clear out what isn’t yours

The light you are seeps through your pores

When you are real, you’ve such impact

What you emit, then you attract

You’re mesmerising and divine

When what’s organic gets to shine

No need for pushing or for trying

To rest in you, is beautifying

When your heart’s door is left ajar

You’re wonderful just as you are

You’re loveable, complete and whole

We’re mirrors for each other’s souls

Look deeply…

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