Making the most of the Coast

Peacock Poetry

Andy and I have just returned from a fleeting surprise visit to England to visit our parents. It was so lovely to see them after all this time and we were grateful that the weather was so kind to us during our short stay. In fact, we even had a short stop by the beach in Brighton which was a great way to kick off the mini-break.

Beach Bumbling

We bumbled along Brighton beach

One Friday In November

The chilly sun embraced our cheeks

Was bright as I’d remembered

The candied scores of beach hut doors

Turned both of us creative

Cast shadow-puppet shapes galore

Inspiring other natives

We clasped warm tea, looked out to sea

Gave thanks for blue-sky flavours

Like waves time flowed past easily

As we this chance bliss savoured

Contentment is within our reach

It’s found in soft surrender

This moment down on Brighton beach


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