On a Halloween Night

It was a night on Halloween. Katie and Sarah were walking home from the town diner along the main street. They were walking past the cemetery, and they heard creeping sounds. They looked behind them, and monsters were stomping their way. They turned to run, but they saw monsters in front of them. They were terrified as they saw monsters all around them.

            “We come to take your soul,” a skeleton pointed to them as he came closer.

            They crouched themselves in fear, and they felt doomed.

            “Go away,” Jesus stood over them pointing to the monsters. “You will not harm these people.”

            “Come on, Jesus,” said a half man. “It’s Halloween. We scare people and take their souls.”

            “I own these souls,” Jesus replied. “You will not touch these people. Now go back to your graves.”

            Disappointed, the monster turned and began to walk away. Both Katie and Sarah hugged Jesus tight. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

            For them, Jesus gave them a Happy Halloween night.

            Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

3 thoughts on “On a Halloween Night

  1. Thank you John. Halloween scared me as a young adult, I didn’t like people you couldn’t see. It was so scary I thought. Hope you have a good night. Sending you my love. ❤️🤗

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