Snake Hips

Peacock Poetry

During the recent retreat I attended, we were guided through a shamanic journeying experience. Throughout the visualisation I saw the image of a Cobra and this remained with me long after the session had finished. The next day I decided to write about it as I always find capturing my experiences in words so therapeutic.


My energy doesn’t ‘fit in’.

It bursts out like a restless fire stoked by the impulse of message

When I try to simmer down or appear more objective it simply blazes stronger

burning my bones and threatening to peak just for the sheer hell of it

My energy begs for my trust vía the most dramatic of disturbances

For all explosions return us

to the heart

in any case

My energy is a powerhouse.

It rattles through my urgent hips, thrusting thirstily for more arousal

It curls through my feminine form like a cobra

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