Precious Pause

Peacock Poetry

On Monday I was still landing back slowly from the incredible retreat I attended and felt very resistant to going back into doing-mode. Instead I spent my lunch break laying in the autumn sunshine enjoying the warmth and wrote a poem inspired by this moment of pleasure.

Whilst you can

For pity’s sake, stop being so relentlessly constructive, will you!

Kick off those well-worn moccasins of doing and bloody well relax.

Yes. Now.

You are allowed and this might come as some sort of a shock but:

You deserve it.

We were not created to be human Zoom call conductors.

We were not put on this Earth to pour our heart’s energy into constant virtual contact or to spend our sacred existence craning our knackered necks over tiny, static screens

searching for the next desperate dopamine hit of external validation

We were not made to invest our souls in inconsequential…

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