The Great Vampire of Oles

It was that Halloween night in the very tiny village of Oles. There was a chill in the air, and the moon was full. The Great Vampire of Oles was going to and fro and fro and to looking for someone to suck their blood. It was very late in the evening, and he had yet to see anybody. For so many Halloween nights he had many people to suck blood from, but this very night was different. He had yet to see anybody through the tiny village until, finally, a young lady wearing a black velvet coat, blue jeans and red high heeled shoes was walking down the street. He turned into a bat and flew closer to her. He almost came upon her when a streetlight came on, and it blinded him. He changed back into a vampire and shielded his eyes until the light went off. He looked around and saw the lady walking down the street. He changed into a bat again and flew towards her only to be hit by a passing truck and whacked into a nearby tree. Becoming a vampire again, he regained his senses. He saw the woman walking down the street, but she stopped. He sat up and watched as she was pulling off her shoes. He stood up and hit his head on a branch that was stretched out above him. He slapped the branch with frustration and the focus on the woman who was walking barefoot holding her red high heeled shoes in her hands, but she stopped to look at her phone. He became a bat and flew over to her, and, this time, he was right behind her. She did not notice that he was there. He changed back into a vampire. He opened his mouth wide aiming for her neck… and she passed some gas.

The Great Vampire of Oles was out cold.

Days later, he came through. Wolfman was beating him around to wake him up.

“What happened?” He asked as he came to his senses.

“Nothing,” Wolfman said as he pulled him to his feet. “She was just testing the exhaust system.”


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