Guard Your Heart ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Guard your heart my friend,
beware of the snare
satan likes to use
to trap you in despair.

For he will bait you,
with his many lies
to keep you from . . .
going for the prize.

Guard your mind my friend,
be careful of the lure
satan will use to keep
your thoughts impure.

For he will catch you,
when you are unaware
until with Jesus . . .
you lose your love affair.

Guard your life my friend,
keep going for the goal . . .
beware of satan’s trappings
lest he captures your soul!


Luke 21:34

And take heed to yourselves,
lest at any time your hearts
be overcharged with surfeiting,
and drunkenness, and cares
of this life, and so that day
come upon you unawares.

1 Thessalonians 5:6

Therefore let us not sleep,
as do others; but let us
watch and be sober.


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