Content to invent

Peacock Poetry

Despite getting bitten left right and centre by mosquitos, my time spent recording poetry in the forest yesterday was bliss. I get such happiness out of writing and recording in nature and am so grateful that I received and responded to the calling to write back in 2015. Contentment is a way less illusive state than happiness!


Contentment always starts within

No one can give it to us

It’s feeling good in our own skin

Accepting what comes through us

Contentment doesn’t look for ‘likes’

Or seek its worth in others

It evens out the dips and spikes

A much more faithful lover

It doesn’t seek to be the best

It knows it counts, it’s stable

Must not outdo must not impress

Contentment’s calm and able

Enoughness’ where it all begins

For what will be, we’re clueless

Contentment always starts within

Accepting what comes through us

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