Moon Messages

Peacock Poetry

Throughout my six years of writing poetry on a daily basis, it is interesting to observe the most repeated poetic themes! One of which has to be the moon which I find to be a constant source of wonder and inspiration. Seeing the full moon first thing in the morning is particularly special, don’t you think?

Moon Magic

The moon pierced through the first-light zone, cast tones of gold electric

The clarity beamed forth like home, Truth strikes you unexpected

To be around such glow surrounds the soul with greater grasping

The spotlight of the sky confounds – be here, for time is passing

Hail to the moon, for its attuned to wisdom far beyond us

Our higher selves begin to bloom when lunar forces bond us

May open-hearted you shine bright in volume barometric

proclaims the moon as dawn’s first light cast tones of gold electric

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