Blood Rose

House of Heart

The night is wet,

drops of rain glisten

on a slick sidewalk.

In my hurry I step through

shallow puddles that

Glisten in the misty glow

of amber street lamps.

There is a trace of salty

blood where I’ve bitten

my lip but my eyes brim

with life and nonsensical love.

When we meet you kiss

lashes silvery with tears and

taste blood rose on

shivering lips.

For the moment we forget

you want too much and that

I will take whatever you give.

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko

” I love you, I love you,

Like a fool, like a soldier

Like a movie star

I love you, I love you

Like a wolf, a king,

Like a man that I am not“

je t’aime ” by Serge Gainsbourg

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