Peacock Poetry

Every day we have a choice. A choice to show up, to live our life force and to make the most out of our day whatever the circumstances. When I find myself drifting into procrastination and self-sabotage I pinch myself and remember what a precious gift this life is. Today my intention is: gratitude. What is yours?


You’re not too old, it’s not too late

In your own life – participate

We’re more than all the roles we play

What does your soul want most today?

Of our own dreams, we’re free to speak

Fulfilment comes to those who seek

We’re here to serve, we’re here to give

and also to wake up and live!

What makes you smile, what makes you scream?

What makes your senses feel serene?

When we’re in touch with our own thrill

Our energy to others spills

We do not have to sit and…

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