The Great Legend of Will Walkie Jones

This is the great legend of Will Walkie Jones.  Who is Will Walkie Jones?  He was a man who played baseball.  He did not just play baseball.  He played for the Jumpy Dumpy Blues.

            It was the bottom of the ninth.  The Jumpy Dumpy Blues were down by three runs as they were up against Funky Punky Joes.  The basses were loaded.  Alan Gallon was on third base.  Pete Wheat was at second.  Bill Bones was on first.  The Funky Junky Joes had brought in the relief pitcher from the bullpen known as Big Bad Rodney Stinks.  Riley Pulls was the next at bat.  Big Bad Rodney Stinks struck him out in three pitches.  The next batter was Paul Boots.  He too struck out.  There was one batter left: Will Walkie Jones.

            Will Walkie Jones stepped up to the plates.  He knew that he needed to hit the ball to keep his team alive.  He was up against a pitcher that he had hit a home run against every single time, but the game was on the line.  First pitch, outside.  Ball one.  Second pitch: strike one.  Third pitch: strike two.  Fourth pitch: ball two.  Fifth pitch: ball three.  Sixth pitch: foul.  Seventh pitch: foul.  Eighth pitch, Will Walkie Jones swings…  And there it goes.  It is going… going… gone.

            The crowd was silent.  They did not understand.

            The catcher was tossing the ball in the air saying, “You know, the object of the game is to get the ball over the fence, not the bat.

            That is the story of the Great Legend of Will Walkie Jones.

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