Bonfol Stroll

Peacock Poetry

There is nothing better than a good old stroll in the forest and the Jura is a particularly relaxing place to walk it has to be said! On Saturday, Android and I took the opportunity to stretch our legs and get a break from the screen and it did us good!

In other news, we launched season 3 of our podcast yesterday and in the first episode (episode 46 can you believe it?!) Migena interviews me on the topic of Authenticity. You can tune in here and I would love to hear what you think ❤️

Bonfol Bound

It was a peaceful, weekend stroll

Down in the Jura, to Bonfol

Through magic forest and damp logs

Saw butterflies and baby frogs

The air was humid, tree roots thick

Our pace was not what you’d call quick

And fellow walkers seldom glanced

As we walked parallel to France

A chance to…

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