Bare Beauty

Peacock Poetry

Every now and again a poem pops into my heart from nowhere and wants to be shared. Last week I had a strong urge to write about body acceptance and self-acceptance and shortly after acknowledging this urge this poem revealed itself to me. When we create from our intuitive urges there is ease and resonance.

Some Body

You’re beautiful the way you are

Yes with the lumps and bumps and scars

With all the crows feet and the wrinkles

The hairs gone grey, the teenage pimples

You’re beautiful, nothing to change

Must not your own face rearrange

It tells a tale of stories lived

The way you are has much to give

The moles, the blemishes, the frizz

All part of what a real life is

The love handles and cellulite

want your acceptance – yes, that’s right!

Imperfect, quirky – that’s the norm

Let’s celebrate our human form


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