To Be Glory Worthy ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

My life was made to praise You,
to lift You up with song . . .
my soul was made to worship You
to glorify You all the day long.

My mind was made to seek You,
to claim Your perfect peace
my heart was made to find You
so my love for You I’d release.

My ears were made to hear You,
Your quiet voice to listen for
my eyes were made to see You
waiting for me at the Door.

My feet were made to follow You,
to walk in Your very steps
my legs were made to pursue You
and obey Your righteous concepts.

My mouth was made to declare You,
as my Savior, Lord and King
my lips were made to confess You
and the joy You’re going to bring.

My life was made to please You,
to be glory worthy . . .
my soul…

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