Rockhill Trolley Museum, Rockhill Furnace, Pennsylvania

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

Trolley 163

Do you remember the days when the trolleys ran up and down the streets of the city? Well, some of us do not remember as many cities removed the trolley lines many years ago before many of us were born, but cities like San Francisco, California still use trolleys. Today, some cities are bringing back the trolleys, but would it be nice to relive the glory days of the trolley?

Trolley 172

Welcome to the Rockhill Trolley Museum in Rockhill Furnace, Pennsylvania. You arrive at the museum, and you purchase your ticket at the ticket booth. The trolley awaits you just steps away. You climb aboard the vintage trolley. When it is time to go, the trolley leaves the station. You stroll past the repair shops, and then you see the ruins of the furnace where the town gets its name. Then, you are in the woods. You…

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