Swell Shells

Peacock Poetry

It has been the wettest summer I can remember this end and Android had been constantly frustrated by the slugs and snails feasting on his allotment veg! I have to admit that I am quite fond of snails and even wrote a little ditty about them as I ventured out for a stroll between showers at the weekend.

Snail Mail

I never fail to muse at snails

Their shells tell of soul secrets

The humbug and the yellow pale

The silver trail secreted

Although I know my clumsy toes

so carelessly have crushed

a snail or two, whilst on the go

These days far less I rush

Oh tawny twists and lemon crisps

Dear snails you fascinate me

Those slugs are not a patch on this

Their sliminess frustrates me

To follow you upon your trail

Entails a slower staring

It’s worth it all for you wise snails

You call…

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