Grateful Greetings

Peacock Poetry

Having our baby-tiger back at home is amazing! He’s still a bit jumpy but is eating well and has spent most of his time back on his favourite garden chair! We are so relieved that he made it back to us and so here’s one final kitty poem to round off the week! A different theme next week, I promise!

Homecoming Tiger

You showed up for your morning feed beside your hungry sisters

All nonchalant, us full of glee – d’you know how much we missed ya?

Your coat pristine, your eyes bright green as sparkly as ever

Do you know just how much you mean? No more these wild endeavours!

You showed up like no time had passed, no clue where you had ventured

You didn’t ask for a late-pass to go on your adventure!

You made us guess, you caused us stress, but Ziggy, we’re delighted

that you’ve…

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