Getting Present

Peacock Poetry

When we project ourselves too far into the future and hold on to a time when we think we’ll be happier, we lose out. It is exactly where we are now on our journey that counts and celebrating the present gifts even with the struggles is vital to our contentment. What do you appreciate about where you are at now?

Lovin’ It 💜💋

Your journey’s where the pleasure is

It’s not the destination

When in the present gifts you live

You’ll find far less frustration

For where you’re sat is where you’re at

and you’re there for a reason

Will you extract the juice from that

or wait until next season?

Your journey’s where the learning is

It’s urging you to love it

It knows what your heart’s yearning is

Resistance – rise above it

Yes what you face can be embraced

Lean in when struggles worsen

For she who…

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