My Gladiator

Rum and Robots

Photograph by Tom D’Arby (via Pexels) Poem By Joni Caggiano

This piece is dedicated to and inspired by the fragrance writer, the poet who can find any scent you or your beloved enjoys.  

In the days of the Roman Gladiators, their natural scents were collected and sold as expensive perfume for rich patrons.   

in her white stola, she hummed by the lone gladiator gate,
sixty men strong, leather-covered manhood grew wet, a pricy scent
stunning the young slave, her beloved, agonizing over his undetermined fate

would his blood spill upon the hot, dry dirt in the colosseum today
women in tyrian purple tunics wear gladiator sweat between their breasts
triumph would mean some wealthy woman, with him tonight, would have her way

wrinkles forming chronicles of pain, body bent, eyes see bars of steel
long ago torn apart by lion’s jaws, her first love became a slave for…

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