Reassuring Robins

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday I was still feeling a little fragile after my vaccination and subsequent running fall so decided to go for a gentle walk instead of rubbing. On my walk I caught a glimpse of a robin which made me smile inside. Since my Dad’s passing back in 2015, robins have come to be powerful affirmations of his presence. They reassure me that whatever happens, he is there.

Ever Present

Though you are not upon this plain

You’re always there, behind me

Not everything can be explained

When I am lost, you find me

You come to me through energy

Through proverbs and through sayings

In innocent simplicity

When I am lost and praying

Our loved ones are not out of reach

They guide us with their presence

The spirit world so much can teach

Long live your loving essence

A robin on this country lane

Flew past in manner timely

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