Just the way you are

Peacock Poetry

Yesterday I received news that the recorded version of my poem “Enough” had been chosen to be featured on the Insight Timer’s Talks Featured List. Click here to listen.

I wrote this poem before an important event when I knew that I needed to love myself whatever the outcome. Each time that I reread it, I think “Yes. That’s how I want to hold myself”.


I am enough, I’m there for me

I love myself wholeheartedly

The shadows, skeletons and ghosts

The parts where I shine out the most

I am enough, I must not try

To prove myself through others eyes

My struggles, setbacks and my glory

They’re all a part of a bigger story

I am enough, yes come what may

When I rise up, when I’m astray

I hold myself in full permission

Acceptance is my only mission

I am enough, have been since birth


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