Sacrifice of a Glorious Life

Rum and Robots

Photograph by Joni Caggiano – Poem by Joni

falling like grand flakes of golden paper are the leaves from my body
singing, a playful gust of wind takes my yellow dressing to the soil
venerating the glory of my clapping in harmony with nature’s voice
ageless limbs stretch out, grasping the sun’s rays, bringing me life
fertile like the human that watches me from her floating windowsill
I am the golden leaves of summer that beckon to her pain and fear
hummingbirds tend closer than I as they circle the glass with dance
tears breach the dam by night, bringing brackish water to my roots
her solace comes from the sun’s reflection on my golden life of light
slowly dying, as her salty wails keep me from drinking rain God offers
joyfulness is bursting bark off my brown-gray trunk, for she is smiling
created to be a habitat for earth’s…

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