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Whilst recovering from a long walk in the forest yesterday, I delved into my Handbook of Poetics (as you do!) and came across the Double Refrain Ballade. Intrigued by the details of this form, I spent a chilled half an hour crafting my own saucy version.

The Double Refrain Ballade has three, eight-line stanzas rhyming abaBbcbC, with an envoy of four lines rhyming bBcC. It also has two refrains. The first refrain appears as lines four, twelve, twenty and twenty-six; the second refrain appears as lines eight, sixteen, twenty-four, and twenty-eight.

Unlaced : Double Refrain Ballade

She came alive in dreams

her senses led the way

Unrivalled libertine

Make love to life today!

“Come, give me your Milk Tray”

The thrill is worth the chase

Yes have your wicked way

Our bodies long to taste

No anti-ageing creams

could smooth her truth away

She soon ran out of means


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