Camp Stoneman conclusion

Pacific Paratrooper

POE Camp Stoneman

This photograph above was removed from a New York newspaper. The sign above the entry states: “Through these portals pass the best damn soldiers in the World.” The clipping beside it indicates shipping out dates. The 11th A/B departed May 5, 1944. Smitty said that this cruise would be the most boring part of his service, although he did become quite adept at playing cards during this time.

Smitty was unable to tell his mother that he and the 11th A/B would be shipping out the following day – destination and mission unknown. The men cruised from Suisan Bay into San Pablo Bay, into San Francisco Bay and under the Oakland Bridge to Oakland Mole where the Red Cross passed out coffee and donuts while they boarded the transport ships. So … back under the Oakland Bridge, thru San Francisco Bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge…

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