Natural Highs

Peacock Poetry

Whilst on our mini break last week I took the time to experiment with some poetic forms. It is always fun to take on a challenge and today’s Rimas Dissolutas was just that. Here are a few words about this form:

Originally French. Sylllabic. Lines can be of any single length and there can be any number of lines in a stanza. Lines within a stanza do not rhyme, but corresponding lines in subsequent stanzas do rhyme.

Late Afternoon in Interlaken

There is a glare upon the sprinkled peaks

I gaze with satisfaction at the day

Your fluffy lime-green cushion like the trees

You sink into the valleys of your mind

The pines pop up in picture-perfect strokes

Observing beauty is a sacred act

It’s comfortable to sit and not to speak

The silence holds so much we cannot say

We have to snatch the moments calm like these


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