Mother (a poem)

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It is Mother’s Day. This is a poem I made to honor my mother who passed away in July of 2017. I remember her today with the sweet remembrance of her caring hands. I dedicate this poem as well to all mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!

From the day I was born,
You held me in your arms,
Cared for me and sworn,
To keep me safe from harm.

Each day I grew and learned,
To be familiar of your love,
Your voice and loving hand,
And your sweet, gentle hug.

You carried me though tired,
Gave me whatever I need.
You stayed up late at night,
Made sure I can tightly sleep.

You saw my falls and my tries,
You helped me stand and heal.
You saw all my silent cries,
You shaped my heart and will.

Your skillful hands work magic,
Your firm voice calms any fear,
You’re a…

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