Magic of the Morning

Rum and Robots

Magic of the Morning by Joni Caggiano – Beautiful Image by Ray Bilcliff from Pexels

securing her likeness within the shifting fog
chasing lingering moon dancers in her red apron
elbows raw from scaping the dancing tree limbs
a breakfast of oats and honey sits on the table
thinking of the first time they met in the stable

a newborn wren chirping for its morning worm
tapping her shoulder, the first ray of pinkish sun
white gardenias singing while the trees clapped
a doe and its mom were eating willow oak leaves
dew on the web of the garden spider between trees

life kissing her sweet cheek with love and hope
bare feet jumping to the sound of nature’s rhythm
cinnamon and brown sugar leaving a trail in the air
nature is reawakening and tipping its top hat
while eating, purring in the corner was her cat

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