Do You

Peacock Poetry

One of my core values is Freedom and in particular the Freedom to articulate my experience on my own terms. I am a passionate advocate for free expression and am just not prepared to be put in a box according to how others see me. Each one of us has a unique, personal message in this world. How do you communicate yours?


It is for you to tell your tale

Nobody can define you

Though circumstances can derail

They must not undermine you

For your bright Light is your birthright

No box will ever fit you

Speak out your heart with all your might

Let not the rest outwit you

Set free your words, be free, be heard

Affirm yourself forthrightly

You’re not the truth from parties third

Shine on, shine proud and brightly

For no one else has got you nailed

There’s only one divine you!

It is…

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