Peacock Poetry

It is almost always out in nature that I get sudden intuitive feelings about what to write. A couple of days ago, whilst gazing at the river after an incredible Tantra massage, I felt so open and receptive and the following lines were literally urging me to write them!


What will it take for you to finally get into your numb little skull that -

You’re already THERE?

Yes right there – the exact spot in which you are currently standing

is THE place

for which you were intended.

But I’m not yet rich?

Or famous?

Or skinny?

Or successful?

I hear you say.

I haven’t bought a house

got married

had children

owned a cockatiel

bought a camper van

or eloped to Outer Mongolia…

I am not as clever/funny/artistic/inspiring/confident as….(insert a friend’s name here)

For Goodness sake!

Maybe you will be one day. And maybe you won’t ever…

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