Journey to the Waters of Living Life

Amy Wellingshire was an ordinary high school student who lived in Indianapolis.  Like other high school students, she had a group of friends that she hung around with.  She had three special friends named Kurt, Michael, and Paige.  She met her best friends in high school, and they did things together as normal friends did.  The foursome was no different than any other school group.  They studied together.  They went to movies and parties.  They always walked together to and from school.  Because Amy lived furthest from the school, she was always the first to join the group in the morning, and she was the last to break off from the group on the way home.

Amy’s friends were special to her, but she also had a special bond with her parents and her sister, Dara, who was in college.  Whenever Dara was able to come, Amy brought her along with the rest of her friends.

Amy lived an average life along with her friends and family.  She was always a hard person to get her to believe anything that she could not see herself.  Everything was about to change.


It was a bitterly cold morning.  Amy, Kurt, Michael, and Paige were arriving at school as they normally did.  Amy and Kurt were in the first class together.  They entered the class, and they went to their seats.  The teacher came up in front of the class, and he began to talk about the nerve system of the human body.  He said many things, and he began to talk about the feet.

“You can feel every nerve in your entire body just by touching one’s feet,” said the teacher.  “I can stick a pin in your hand, and only your hand will feel it, but if I stick the pin into your foot, your whole body feels it.”

“That sounds silly,” Amy said to Kurt.

“But it is the truth,” the teacher said to Amy.

“It is just that I have no idea of how that can be possible,” Amy said to the teacher.

Kurt whispered in her ear, “I don’t think you’d want to challenge this.”

“Would you like to be part of a demonstration?” the teacher asked Amy.

Everyone looked at Amy.  Amy looked at Kurt.  Kurt shook his head.

“If you think I’m wrong,” said the teacher, “you have the opportunity to embarrass me in front of the class.”

Amy looked around at everyone.  Kurt was motioning to her not to go, but she said, “Let me see for myself.”

“Alright,” said the teacher.  “I will need you to lie down on this table.”

Amy got up from her chair.  Kurt sunk his head into his arms.  Amy walked over to the table, and she sat down.

“I will need you to remove your shoes,” said the teacher.

Amy looked down at her boots, and she said, “This could take a while.”

The teacher looked at the clock.

“We have time,” said the teacher.

Amy began to unlace her boots.

“I hope that you do not have layers of socks,” said the teacher, “because you will need to remove them also.”

After a while, she finally unlaced her boots, and she took off her socks.  She lied down on the table.  The teacher gave her a blindfold, and he said, “You will need to cover her eyes.”

Amy took the blindfold, and she covered her eyes.  She laid herself down on the table.  The teacher took out a block of ice out of a cooler.  He turned to the students, and he said, “Now for the demonstration.”

He put the block of ice on her hand, and he asked Amy, “How does it feel?”

“Very cold,” said Amy.  “My hand is freezing.”

“But you have not felt anything,” said the teacher.

The teacher took the block of ice from her hand.  He walked around to her feet, and he put the block of ice on the bottom of her foot.  Amy felt a massive chill on her body, and she jumped up from the table, and she fell onto the floor.  Kurt covered his face with his hands as the other students were laughing.

“As you can see,” said the teacher.  “I simply place the ice on the bottom of her foot, and she feels it all over her body.”

Amy had gotten up from the floor.  She looked at the teacher, and she said, “You got me on that one.”

She picked up her shoes and her socks, and she walked back to her seat.  As she was sitting down, Kurt whispered to her, “I warned you.”

“You are right,” Amy whispered.  “You did.”

The class was over.  Amy and Kurt were walking down the hall together.

“You always have to test everything,” said Kurt.

“I just cannot believe anything unless I can see it myself,” said Amy.  “If I cannot see it, feel it, or touch it, I don’t believe it.”

“You just have to learn to trust people,” said Kurt.

“I am willing to allow people to prove things to me,” said Amy.  “It’s just that I can’t believe in anything unless I can see it myself.”

Kurt was about to say something, but he chose to stay silent.

“I will see you at lunch,” said Amy.

“I’ll be there,” said Kurt.

From there, they went their separate ways.


It was the very next morning, and it was a bitterly cold morning.  It had snowed all night, and there was snow on the ground and on the trees as Amy, Kurt, Michael, and Paige were walking through a park on the way to school.  Amy felt something tiny sticking into the bottom of her toe that was making her cry.

“Sorry guys,” said Amy.  “Something is sticking into my toe.”

“But we’ll be late,” said Kurt.  “Besides, it is freezing out here.”

“I can’t wait,” said Amy.  “Whatever it is, it hurts.”

“We’ll see you later,” said Michael.  “I have a quiz.”

“I’ll catch up,” said Amy.

Kurt, Michael, and Paige continued while Amy limped over and sat down on a nearby bench where an elderly man was sitting.  She unlaced her shoe and took it off.  She realized that whatever was sticking into the bottom of her foot was inside her sock.  She began to take off her layers of socks, and she felt the bitterly cold air on her foot.  She took off her last sock completely.   She looked at the bottom of her toe, and she saw a tiny piece of metal sticking out.  She pulled out the metal piece and continued to look at the bottom of her toe to make sure that it was not bleeding.

The elderly man was observing everything that Amy was doing.  He asked her, “Is everything alright?”

“It was just a small piece of metal,” replied Amy.  “It was just sticking into my toe, but it didn’t cut me.  My toe still hurts, but I’ll be alright.”

“I know a way that you can make it feel better,” said the elderly man.

“The pain will go away,” said Amy as she was putting her socks on.  “I’ll be O.K.”

The elderly man looked around.  He moved closer to Amy and said in her ear, “I was talking about the Waters of Living Life.”

Amy put her shoe back on and said, “I drink plenty of water.”

The elderly man looked around again.  He looked at Amy said, “I am talking about the Waters of Living Life.  The Waters of Living Life are unlike any water there is.  The Waters of Living Life heal.  Drink of these waters, and you will thirst no more.”

Amy looked at the elderly man and said, “Interesting, but it sounds like make believe.”

“It is not,” replied the elderly man.  “Drink of these waters, and you will feel no pain, no sickness, no death.”

Amy stood up and said, “Thank you for your kindness, but I do need to get to school.”

“If you want to know more,” said the elderly man, “I am here often.  Come anytime.”

“Thank you,” said Amy.  “You are very kind.”

Amy walked away leaving the elderly man alone on the bench.


It was later that morning.  Amy entered her history class.  She went to her desk, and she sat down next to Kurt, Michael, and Paige.

“It’s nice for you to join us,” said Paige.

“It has been a very interesting morning,” said Amy.

Before Amy could say anything else, the teacher came in front of everyone, and she said, “Welcome Everyone.  We have a very special visitor who will be speaking to you today.  Christina Melkovinko is here all the way from Bulgaria where she teaches archaeological history, and she will be talking about a very interesting story about a princess.  Let us welcome her.”

Christina Melkovinko came up in front of everyone, and she said, “Hello!  I am very glad to be here.  As was already mentioned, I am an archaeological historian, and I am here in the United States visiting various schools.  I want to tell you about a recent discovery in Germany.  The year is 104 B.C. in the kingdom of Germania which is present day Germany.  King Hans is overcome with a plague that infects many people in the kingdom.  His daughter, Princess Magella, comes to him, and she asks his permission to go on a quest.  She asks her father to allow her to go and search for the Temple of the Waters of Living Life.  The King tells her that there is no such place, but Princess Magella tells him that a traveler told her about the Waters of Living Life and how the waters have powers to cure all illness.  Knowing that many people were dying throughout the kingdom including himself, he allows her to go.  She left the very next day, and she was never seen again.”

Christina Melkovinko continued talking about Princess Magella and the Waters of Living Life and whether they existed.  When the class was over, the teacher stood up in front of everyone, and she said, “Mrs. Melkovinko will be around after school to answer any questions since we are short on time right now.  As for now, you’re dismissed.”

Everyone got up and left the room.  Amy felt puzzled as she was walking out.  Kurt, Michael, and Paige looked at her and noticed that she was feeling something.

“Are you alright?” asked Michael.

Amy remained puzzled.  They continued to walk together down the hall, and Amy said, “There was a man in the park who talked to me about the exact same thing this morning that she said in class today.”

“Nobody has ever found it,” said Kurt.  “It probably does not exist.”

“I have to run,” said Paige.  “See you at lunch.”

“I have to get to biology class anyway,” said Amy.

Everyone went their own way, but Amy still felt puzzled.


It was later that afternoon.  Amy was walking towards her house.  She stepped on a sheet of ice, and her foot slipped.  She felt someone grab her arm.  She got back onto her feet, and she said, “Thank you.”

“You are very graciously welcome,” said the elderly man.

Amy saw that it was the same elderly man that she had met in the park.

“Thank you very much,” said Amy.  “You kept me from breaking any bones.”

“It was nothing,” said the elderly man.  “If you did break a bone, I would have taken you to the Waters of living Life.”

“Funny,” said Amy.  “I am just not into make-believe.”

“It is not make-believe,” said the elderly man.

Amy interrupted the elderly man saying, “You are very kind, but I really have to go.”

“See you later,” said the elderly man, “but if…”

“Thanks anyway,” said Amy as she was walking away.

Amy left the elderly all alone as she was walking towards her house.


It was the next morning.  Amy was walking to school with Kurt, Michael, and Paige.  As they were about to approach the school, Amy said, “By the way, I saw that old man again yesterday.”

“What old man?” asked Paige.

“That old man that tried to tell me about that stupid fountain,” said Amy.

“He’s just an old fud,” said Michael.  “Getting old can make you very delusional.”

“He did keep me from falling on my behind,” said Amy.  “He’s a nice old man.  He just seems like he wants to be in his fantasy world.”

“We are here at school,” said Michael.  “Gotta get to class.”

“See you all later,” said Amy.

They went into the school, and they each went their way.


It was the next day.  Amy, Kurt, Michael, and Paige were walking out of a movie theater.

“That was gross,” said Paige.  “I can’t believe you guys got me in there.”

“Come on,” said Kurt.  “It was funny.”

“Funny,” said Paige.  “What is funny about a psycho eating his wife’s flesh?  That one guys cuts off the other man’s head with a chain saw.”

“It’s just a movie,” said Amy.  “It is all just make-believe.  None of those horror movies are real.”

As they were walking, Amy looked down the street, and she saw the same elderly man walking towards her.

“It’s that old fud again,” said Amy.

Michael saw the elderly man, and he said to Amy, “Just ignore him.”

They continued to walk along.  They came to the elderly man, and the elderly man said to them, “Good afternoon.”

“Hi,” said Paige.  “I hope that you are having a nice day.”

“I am,” said the elderly man.  “You can have many nice days when you drink from the Waters of Living Life.”

“That’s nice,” said Paige.  “Have a nice man.”

They continued to walk on.  They were a great distance away from the elderly man, and Kurt said, “Being lonely must make you very delusional.”

“He’s a nice old man,” said Paige.  “He just needs some real friends.”

They continued to walk on.


A few days went by.  Amy, Kurt, Michael, and Paige were walking to school.  They were taking about the usual things, but Paige then said, “By the way, I saw that old man again.  He tried to sell me on that mystery water again.”

“Poor old man,” said Kurt.  “He probably has no friends.”

“If he continues in his fantasy world,” Amy said, “he will never have any friends.”

“He is probably losing his mind,” said Paige.  “He’s old and has nothing to do.”

“Try not to think about it,” said Michael.  “I’m not goin’ to let it bother me.”

They continued to school.


Several days later, Amy, Kurt, Michael, and Paige were going home from school.  They came to Paige’s home first followed by Kurt’s home.  Michael and Amy walked a few blocks together before they came to the intersection where they each went their separate ways.  Amy continued to her house.  As she walked to her front door, she heard her mother crying.  She ran into the house and saw her mother crying on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” asked Amy.

Her mother looked at her, and tears were rolling down her face.

“It’s Dara,” her mother replied.  “We got a call from the university.  Dara has contracted an illness, they cannot figure out what it is, and she is dying fast.  She doesn’t have much time.”

Amy started to cry.  She shook her head saying, “It cannot be.  It cannot be.”

Her mother kept crying.  Amy quickly ran out of the house crying.  She came to a street corner, and she stopped there.  She sat down on the sidewalk, and she continued to cry right there.

 “Something is troubling you,” a voice said to her.

Amy looked up, and she saw the elderly man that she had met in the park standing over her.  She looked down at the sidewalk, and she said, “My sister is dying, and they said that there is nothing that can be done about it.”

“Something can be done to save her,” said the elderly man.

“How?” asked Amy.

“The Waters of Living Life,” replied the elderly man.  “They will make her well again.”

“I don’t have time for this make-believe stuff,” said Amy.  “She’s dying.”

“The Waters of Living Life will make her well,” said the elderly man.

“Do these waters really exist?” asked Amy.  “They could be make-believe.”

The elderly man grabbed her face.  He looked at her, and he said, “I will take you there.  You sister will not die.  The Waters of Living Life will cure her illness.”

Amy looked down, and she continued to cry.

“Believe me when I tell you,” said the elderly man.  “The Waters of Living Life gives life to all things including the dying.  You just believe in the waters, and it will heal all ills.”

She looked at the elderly man, and she asked him, “If these waters are real, what will it cost me for you to take me there?”

“It will cost you nothing,” replied the elderly man.  “All you need to do is come with me.  I will take you.  Just come with me.  That is all that you need to do.”

Amy continued to weep.

“When can we leave?” she asked the elderly man.

“As soon as you bring your sister to me,” said the elderly man.  “Go get her.  She will be whole again.  That is a promise that I cannot break.”

Amy stood up, and she asked, “Where can I meet you?”

“Meet me at the park,” said the elderly man.  “I will wait for you there.”

Amy hugged him, and she said, “I love you.”

Amy ran away leaving the elderly man all alone.


It was the next day.  Amy and the elderly man were riding in a cab, and they had made their way to the town where Dara was going to school.

“That was fast,” said the elderly man.  “It used to take days to get here from Indianapolis.”

“Come on, old man,” Amy said.  “They’ve had cars for over a century.”

The elderly man remained silent.

They continued to the university hospital, and they went to the main entrance.  The elderly man said to the cab driver, “I will see you out back.”

The elderly man and Amy stepped out of the cab, and the cab rolled away.

“Now follow me,” the elderly man said to Amy.  “Do exactly what I tell you.”

“Wait a minute,” said Amy.  “You have a plan?”

“A well designed one,” said the elderly man.

Amy was curious, but she went along with the elderly man.

It was quiet around the hospital.  Everyone was going around doing their normal duties.  The fire alarm went off.  The elderly man walks up to the main desk, and he says to the secretary, “There is a gas leak, and it might explode.  We need to get everyone out of here.”

At that time, everyone was scrambling to get the patients out to safety.  At the same time, Amy and the elderly man was able to locate Dara’s room, and they saw Dara was in a deep sleep in a plastic bag with an oxygen hose going into the one end.  Looking at Dara, Amy asked, “What are we going to do?”

“We will take her to the Waters of Living Life,” said the elderly man.

The elderly man walked over to Dara.  He pulled off the hose, and he quickly sealed the bag.  He picked up Dara, and he carried her out of the room.  Amy followed him.  They made their way to the loading dock.  The cab driver was there behind the wheel of a truck.  The elderly man, Amy and Dara went into the back of the truck.  The cab driver closed the back of the truck.  He went to the front, and he got into the driver’s seat.  He started the truck, and he pulled away.  He continued to drive past the fire trucks and ambulances that were surrounding the hospital, and he drove away from the hospital.


It was a cold evening.  Kurt, Michael, and Paige were at the park, and they were wondering what was going on.

“Can anybody tell me why Amy called us out here this late?” asked Paige.

“That is what I am trying to figure out,” said Kurt.  “I hope that she is not wasting her time.”

“She will do anything for Dara,” said Michael.  “I just hope she knows what she is actually doing.”

At that time, a van pulled up, and Amy and the elderly man got out.  Amy walked over to them, and she said, “Thanks for doing this.  This is so important to me.”

“I hope your hunch is right,” said Paige.  “My toes are cold.”

“I have no other options,” said Amy.  “Anyway, we need to go.  She is getting worse by the minute.”

They looked at Dara who was in the van, and they saw that she was in a bad condition.  Tears began to roll down Paige’s face.

“We must get going,” said the elderly man.

They got into the van, and the elderly man pointed to the driver, and he said, “By the way, this is Louie, our driver.”

“Hello, Angelo,” replied Louie.

Amy looked the elderly man, and she asked him, “Is your name Angelo?”

“It sure is,” said the elderly man.  “I am sorry not to have formerly introduced myself.  As of now, we must go.  Louie is going to take us there.”

Louie started the van, and they began to head up the road. Kurt, Michael, and Paige sat in the back seat, and they began to whisper among themselves about everything that was happening.

“Is Amy really sure about this?” whispered Paige.  “I don’t like any of this.”

“Neither do I,” whispered Michael, “but Amy will do anything to save Dara.  Let’s go with the flow, but let’s also be aware of our surroundings.  We have no idea of what they’re really doing.”

Louie looked back, and he said, “Do not worry about a thing.  She will feel much better soon.”

They headed north out of Indianapolis.  As he was driving, Louie said to everyone, “It is going to take all night to get there.  You might as well get some sleep.  You will need plenty of it.”

Kurt, Michael, and Paige look at each other.  Michael asked Louie, “Where are we going?”

“Relax,” said Angelo.  “We will get there to see Dara well again.”

Kurt, Michael, or Paige did not say a word.  They looked at Amy, who was crying over Dara, who was getting more ill as time went on.  They were not happy about Amy’s decision about going on the trek, but they knew that none of them were able to talk her out of it.  They just went along for the ride.

It was dark outside.  Louie drove the van down a dirt road.  They came to a particular spot, and they stopped.  Kurt looked around, and he asked, “Why are we stopping here?”

“We walk from here,” said Angelo.

“It’s dark outside,” said Paige.

“Follow me,” said Louie.  “I have a flashlight.”

They got out of the van.  Angelo took Dara, and he carried her in his arms.  Louie turned on his flashlight.  He pointed it in a certain direction, and he said, “We go this way.”

They began their trek through the woods.  They hiked down a long, flat trail, and the sun was starting to rise.  They hiked through trees, over rocks, and over streams.

“Can we stop and rest?” asked Paige.  “My feet are hurting.”

Angelo looked at Paige, and said, “Five minutes, but then we move again.”

Paige went and sat down on a nearby rock, and she started panting.  She took off her shoes and her socks, and she began to rub her feet.  Louie came over, and he gave her and bottle of water.  She took the bottle, and she started drinking.

“It is pretty cold out here,” said Louie.  “You can get frostbite on your toes.”

“My feet hurt,” said Paige, “and I am tired and thirsty.”

“There will be plenty to drink when we get to the Waters of Living Life,” said Louie, “and you will be completely refreshed when you drink them.”

After a short rest, Angelo said to everyone, “We better get going.  We have a life to save.”

They continued their hike through the woods.  They came to a boat dock that was on a partially frozen lake.  They stepped out onto the dock, and Angelo pointed to a huge rock on the other side of the lake that the sun was about to rise over.

“You can see that the sun is about to rise over that rock,” said Angelo.  “It is where you will find the Temple of the Waters of Living Life.  It is there where Dara will be whole again.  Come.  We must get going.”

“Excuse me,” said Kurt, “but we do not have a boat.”

Louie walked over to a bush near the dock.  He pushed the bushes aside, and he pulled out two canoes.  He said to everyone, “We have enough for everyone.”

They walked over to the bush, and they pulled out the canoes from the bush.  They carried them out onto the dock to a place where they were able to set them into the icy water.  They got into the canoes, and they began to paddle away.  Dara was in the canoe between Angelo and Amy.  At this time, Dara appeared to be lifeless.  Amy looked at her, and she started to cry, but Angelo said to her, “You have nothing to worry about.  You will be crying tears of joy very soon.”

They continued to paddle over to the rock.  When they arrived at the rock, Kurt, Michael, Paige, and Amy looked around.

“Where do we go now?” asked Amy.

“Into the temple,” replied Angelo.

“Where is that?” asked Michael.

“Right in front of you,” said Angelo.

“All I see is a rock,” said Kurt.

Angelo said with a loud voice, “Rock, get out of the way!”

With those words, the rocks moved aside, and they saw a cave that was hidden behind the rock.  Kurt, Michael, Paige, and Amy were amazed.  As they were looking at the cave, Angelo said to them, “Let us go inside.”

They paddled their canoes into the cave, and they came to a low-lying ledge where they were able to get out of their canoes.  Once everyone was out, they looked around and saw a huge gate, and they were overwhelmed with its size.

“How are we going to get through this door?” asked Kurt.

“Just tell the door to open,” said Angelo.

Kurt laughed, and he said, “Yeah!  Like that’s going to work.”

Angelo asked Kurt, “How did we get the rock to move so that we could enter this place?”

“You are trying to get me to believe,” said Kurt, “that if I just tell the door to open that if will just open.”

Angelo looked at the door, and he said, “Door, open up right now.”

At that time, there were large sounds of rocks crackling and steel rubbing against steel.  The door began to slowly open until it was fully open.  They looked inside, and they saw a huge hallway with a marble ceiling, bass walls, and a blue crystal floor.  Kurt, Michael, Paige, and Amy were overwhelmed with the size and the beauty of the hallway.

“What are we waiting for?” asked Michael.  “Let’s go.”

“Wait a minute,” said Angelo.  “You do not know where to go.”

“We just go right down this hallway,” said Kurt.

Louie picked up a spear that he found on the ground nearby, and he threw it down the hallway.  Everyone watched as the spear went down the hallway, and they saw the spear become splinters in less than a second.  Kurt, Michael, Paige, and Amy were shocked of what they had just seen.

“What happened to the spear?” asked Amy.

“It is a pile of splinters,” said Angelo.  “The hallway is a very deadly place.  Everyone who has entered that hallway has died a very instant death.  Follow me.  I will get you there safely.”

Amy was puzzled.  She looked at Angelo, and she said, “Show us the way.”

Angelo walked towards the hallway.  When he came to the hallway entrance, he said, “Floor, go down.”

At that time, the blue crystal floor lowered, and it became stairs.  The others came behind him, and they looked down the stairs.  Angelo began to walk down the steps, and everyone followed him down.  Louie carried Dara in his arms.  When they arrived at the bottom of the steps, they went down a long hallway that had walls of clear ice.  The hallway took them to a room that had a green glass ceiling, blue glass walls, and a floor with tiles of brass, copper, bronze, silver, gold, and white.  Angelo said to everyone, “You must only step on the white tiles.  If you step on a tile of any other color, you will fall down very far.  Since I have done this many times, I will carry Dara across.”

Louie handed Dara over to Angelo.  Angelo put Dara on his back.  He turned towards the room, and he went to step on the first white tile.  He stepped on the second and the third.  He stepped on the rest of the white tiles, and he made his way into the hallway on the other side.  One by one, the others followed.  Kurt was making his way across, and he accidentally stepped onto a copper tile.  A huge section of the floor fell.  He investigated the section, and he saw nothing but pitch blackness.

“Do not bother,” said Angelo.  “The bottom is way down.  It will be a very long time before those tiles hit the bottom.”

Kurt finally made his way across without hitting any other wrong tiles.  Once everyone was across, they continued down the hallway.  The hallway took them into another room.  They looked down, and they could not see the bottom.  Paige asked, “How are we going to get across?”

Kurt looked around the room, and he could not see any ledges.  The walls were smoothed.  He looked at the ceiling and saw that it was smoothed as well.  He looked at Angelo, and he said, “There is no way anybody can get across this.”

“Yes there is,” said Amy.  “He has gotten us this far.  He can get us to the other side.”

Angelo looked at Amy, and he smiled.  He said to her, “You are a young woman of great confidence.  You are willing to trust me, and I will get you there safely, but he does have a reason for concern.  There is no way that we can get across this deep hole, but be of good cheer, for we do not have to go across this hole.”

Angelo turned and faced the room.  He looked up, and he said, “Ceiling, come down.”

When he spoke those words, the ceiling began to lower itself.  Kurt, Michael, Paige, and Amy were amazed as the ceiling came down to their level.  They looked up, and they saw bright lights.

“Let us step onto the ceiling,” said Angelo.

They stepped onto the ceiling.  Angelo said, “Ceiling, rise up.”

The ceiling began to rise.  Kurt, Michael, Paige, and Amy were looking all around them, and they were amazed at the beauty of where they are.  The ceiling stopped, and they saw that they were surrounded by pools of clear blue water.  Angelo said to everyone, “I welcome you to the Temple of the Waters of Living Life.”

They continued to look around, and they saw fountains and waterfalls and rivers flowing with clear blue water.  Amy looked around, and she started to cry.  Tears were rolling down her face when a voice said, “You cry tears.  Rejoice.  There is life.”

Amy turned around, and she saw a woman standing before her dressed in a bright white robe wearing a shiny gold crown.  Amy was amazed at her beauty.  The woman said to her, “Fear not, for there is nothing but life here.  Believe in these waters.  Believe.”

At that time, Angelo came up to the woman holding Dara in his arms.  The woman looked at him, and she said, “Angelo, you have finally returned.  It has been a very long time.”

“I know,” replied Angelo.  “I enjoyed the outside world for so long.  You should go out and see it sometime.  It is far different from years ago.”

“Wait a minute,” said Kurt.  “This is really strange.”

Angelo handed Dara to Kurt, and he said, “Wait until you see this.”

Angelo walked over to one of the pools.  He dipped his hand into the water and brought it up to his month to drink.  He dipped his hand again and took another drink.  Everyone watched as Angelo went from being an elderly man to being a middle-aged man.  Angelo turned to everyone and said, “By the way, this woman was never found because she never left here.”

“What do you mean?” asked Amy.  “Are you telling me that this is Princess Magella of Germania?”

“Formerly of Germania,” said Princess Magella.  “I am told that the kingdom is no more.”

Kurt, Michael, Paige, and Amy were completely amazed.  Amy turned, and she saw Dara lying lifeless on the floor.  Amy turned to Princess Magella and said, “Angelo told me that these waters will make my sister well.”

“Do you believe that these waters will make your sister whole?”  Princess Magella asked Amy.

“My sister is dying,” said Amy.  “I was told that these waters would make her live.”

“But do you believe in the waters?” asked Princess Magella.  “Do you believe in the Waters of Living Life, or do you think that this is foolishness?”

Amy began to tremble and cry.  Princess Magella continued on saying, “You have come all this way.  You asked Angelo to bring you here, and he has done just that.  The only way that your sister can be healed by these is that you must believe that these waters will heal her.  Many people have said that they believe in the waters, but they never did, and the waters did nothing but bring death to them.  Please tell me the truth that you believe in these waters.”

Amy began to tremble in extreme fear.  She looked at Dara who appeared to be lifeless, and tears rolled down her face.  She looked at the waters.  She looked at Angelo.  She turned to Princess Magella, and she said, “I believe.”

Princess Magella said to Kurt and Michael, “Bring the girl to the waters.”

Kurt went over to Dara, and he picked her up off the floor.  He brought her to the pool.  Amy took a bowl, and she scooped up some water.  She held the bowl over Dara’s mouth.  Michael opened her mouth, and Amy poured the water in emptying the bowl completely.  They waited to see what would happen next.  They waited and waited until Dara started winking her eyes.  She opened her eyes, and she saw everyone looking at her.  Kurt set her down, and Dara stood on her own feet.  Amy yelled out loud, and she hugged Dara very tight.

“You’re alive,” said Amy with tears rolling down her face.  “I thought that I would never see you again.”

Dara looked around, and she asked, “Where am I?”

“You are in a place where life is alive,” said Princess Magella.

Dara looked at Princess Magella with a very strange look.

“I’ll explain everything,” said Amy.  “I promise.”

Dara continued to be puzzled, but Amy was happy to see that Dara was alive, and everyone was happy to see that Amy was happy to have her sister back.


They returned to the park about an hour before sunrise.  They all got out of the van, and Louie drove away.

“You all better get home,” said Angelo.  “Your parents will be worried about you.”

Amy hugged Angelo, and she said, “Thank you.  I do not know how I will ever repay you.”

“Spend time with Dara,” said Angelo.

Michael said to Angelo, “Some things you never explained to us.  You spoke to the rock, and it moved.  The same happened with the floor, the ceiling, and the door, but when we were in that room, you said nothing, but you walked on certain tiles.”

Angelo replied, “It is very important that the Temple of the Waters of Living Life be safe from those who are evil.  The obstacles you faced are there so that those who wish to use the waters to build empires of evil would never find them.  No evildoer would make it through those obstacles.  As for getting past those obstacles, it was made so that all you have to do is speak, and you go to the temple.  As for the room with those white tiles, no words were necessary.  The light was there to show you the way through.”

“But if we ever go back,” said Michael, “how will we remember what to do?”

“You will know,” said Angelo.  “As you drink from the Waters of Living Life, you will remember everything.  You have seen what the Waters of Living Life can do.  Now you know where to go for healing.”

They were all amazed at what they heard.

“If you want to go back,” said Angelo, “let me know, and you won’t need an old man to tell you where to go.”

They said farewell to Angelo, and Angelo went out of their sight.  Amy, Dara, Michael, Kurt, and Paige began to make their way home.  As they were walking, Paige asked, “Will we ever see him again?”

“I don’t know,” said Amy.  “I hope so.  He was a very nice man.  He taught me something.”

“What’s that?” asked Kurt.

“He showed me that you do not always have to see something to believe,” said Amy.  “As ridiculous as it was, I saw the man as a kook, but he was determined to prove to me that these waters do exist.  I only needed to believe.  That is all.  He did not ask me to repay him, and I did not have to give him anything.  I learn that the most illogical things can be true, and if you pursue those truths, you will find them.”

They continued their way home.


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