She- #Poetry of the #NaturalWorld





Spills Romance in lavender ribbons

Whispering secrets upon the tide

Of Shimmers sparkling from her Gentle Smile

Of Silence stirring the shadows that hide


Dances upon the velvet zephyr

Of Midnight’s lucent Harmony

With airy notes of Transcendence

With Poignant strings of Memory


Caresses the Dreamer’s nomadic Musings

Reveries of Passion, Billows of Time

As darkness scatters from her Embrace

As Sighs breathe deep, Soporific, Sublime!


In a ruffled dress of Nighttide


The Unreserved Heart’s Sweet Bride.


This poem was Inspired by Paul Militaru’s Beautiful photograph of the moon, as well as the caption he gave it on his blog “She…In a Sea of Clouds.” Immediately the poem whispered in my thoughts and, with his Kind Permission, shall hopefully whisper to you as well 🙂 Thank You Paul!





Beautiful Original Photography by Paul Militaru found here:

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