Old Train Station, New Oxford, Pennsylvania

A great site on the old ‘Lincoln Highway’. Enjoy!!!

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

Old Train Station and Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose

U.S. Route 30, nicknamed the ‘Lincoln Highway’ to honor Abraham Lincoln, is the third longest route in the United States of America (behind U.S. Route 20 and U.S. Route 6) and runs from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast.  It passes through numerous states of which Pennsylvania is one of them.  It mainly runs along the southern tier of the state passing through the major cities of Philadelphia, home of where the Declaration of Independence was drafted and signed, and Pittsburgh, the home of steel manufacturing and other major companies, and through Lancaster, the most famous Amish community in the nation, York, home of the Weightlifting Hall of Fame and a Harley Davidson factory, and Gettysburg, the place where the turning point and one of the greatest battles of the American Civil War took place.  It passes through many small towns.  One…

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