Danny’s Not So Great Day

Danny had arrived at Danielle’s house.

            “Hi,” Danielle’s parents answered the door.

            “Is Danielle here?” Danny asked.

            “Is she here?” The mother smirked. “When were you on Saturday?”

            “I just got tired and did not feel like calling,” said Danny.

            “And you were supposed to take Danielle to the movies last Thursday,” the father said, “and you did not call her.”

            “Oh yeah,” Danny said. “Joey wanted me to go to the new burger joint. I cannot turn him down.”

            “Well how about that dinner you promised her?” the mother asked. “You were supposed to take her to dinner for her birthday.”

            “Well,” Danny shrugged his shoulders, “Benny stubbed his toe.”

            “And his mother could not help him?” the father asked.

            “He wanted me to help him instead,” Danny replied. “You should see his toe.”

            “Well then,” said the father. “Danielle is out with Bryan.”

            “You’re joking.” Danny was stunned. “She can’t do that.”

            “Well she did.” The mother crossed her arms.

            “What am I to do now?” Danny asked.

            The father and mother looked at each other. “We decided to name a day of the year for you. When this day comes around, Danielle will think of you.”

            “Cool,” said Danny. “What day is that?”

            “April 1st,” said the father.

            “But isn’t that…”

            “Yep!” they replied in unison. “Happy April Fool’s Day to you.”

            And they slammed the door in his face.

            Have a HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY!!

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