A Friday at the Diner

Paul and Susan were going along a lonely road one Friday night. As they were driving, all their tires went flat. They pulled off the road. Paul got out and looked around.

            “Looks like we have no tires,” said Paul. “The rims would not last very long if we drive on them.”

            “I’ll call for a tow truck,” she said as she took out her phone. “We have no signal.”

            “I guess we have to walk,” he said.

            So they started walking hoping to find someone or something. They looked ahead and saw a diner.

            “They have to have a phone,” said Paul, “and we can eat at the same time.”

            They walked up to the diner and went in. It was very empty inside.

            “Is anyone here?” Paul asked.

            “Welcome,” the host walked up. “Sit anywhere you like.”

            “Cool,” said Susan.

            They sat at a corner booth. They took out the menus.

            “They do not have prices,” said Paul. “I wonder how much it costs.”

            “It has already been paid for,” said the host. “Just order up.”

            They had confused looks on their faces.

            “Wait a minute,” Paul was surprised. “You say that our meals are free.”

            “They are not free,” said the host. “They have been paid for. You do not have to pay a thing.”

            They were more confused… but they ordered their meals and ate.

            A man came into the diner and walked up to them.

            “I replaced your tires,” he said.

            “How did…”

            “Oh,” the man interrupted, “they have been paid for. Have a nice day.”

            The man dashed out of the diner. Paul and Susan were speechless and confused.

            “What is this?” Susan was surprised.

            “Happy Good Friday,” said the host. “Jesus paid it all. Just believe, and you owe nothing.”

            “Oh,” they replied.

            Paul and Susan enjoyed the rest of their Friday knowing Who paid it all.

            HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!

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