Blossoming 🌸

Peacock Poetry

The weather has certainly been beaming at us the last few days and what a delight it has been to get out walking and writing poetry in it! There is not much need for thinking when you’re surrounded by blue sky and bright blossom. The poems just write themselves!

Live Transmission

There’s vibrancy round every corner if you choose to look

It’s dotted on wild primrose lawns and springs through hidden nooks

Amidst the breeze of April’s tease

within the blossom’s charming

Between the rustles of the leaves up there in sunsets calming

There’s intrigue in the fresh blue sky, there’s lushness in each second

Majestic gifts for you and I that right before us beckon

The choice we make to open up is vital in my book

For we are blessed with vibrancy each every way we look

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