Keeping Abreast

Peacock Poetry

Glimpsing a robin continues to reassure me of my Dad’s presence. Fortunately they can be seen more often in winter and every chance sighting opens my heart and makes me feel grateful. Recently there has been a lot of growth in my life which I have longed to celebrate with him. Spying several robins on my path whilst jogging was the perfect affirmation that he is still very much with me and so very proud.

Good Sign

I glimpsed a robin through the trees

I don’t know if it saw me

The longing makes my raw heart bleed

Thank goodness you’re there for me

Since you have passed, each time I’ve asked

you’ve sent a sweet reminder

The lasting light our loved ones cast

helps me my faith to find her

For I believe in signs like these

and I hear when they call me

I glimpsed a robin through…

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