The Very Great Antarctica Trek

The place was Antarctica.  George Shearhar and Greg Gowman were about to embark on a great journey: the Very Great Antarctica Trek.  The winds were frigid and strong.  The ground was hard ice.  No matter the conditions, they were determined to go on this trek.  They were at the starting point.  Crowds of people were gathered around cheering them on.  George and Greg were bundled up from head to toe.  They put on their backpacks full of gear and food.  Then, the time came.  It was time to begin the Very Great Antarctica Trek.  The crowds cheered as they took their first steps, but then everything was silent.  Everyone was in great awe.  They were astonished at what they were seeing.  George and Greg who were determined not to stop on this great trek until they reached the very end came to a stop.  They watched as a five foot four inch woman wearing a colorful dress and walking barefoot walked up to them.

            “Excuse me.” George was completely confused as what he was seeing.  “Do you realize that it is frigid out here?  You can freeze to death.”

            “Relax,” said the woman.  “I am only here to wish you a Happy Palm Sunday.”

            “Oh,” George replied.  “Happy Palm Sunday to you.”

            “Have a nice trek,” she shivered.  “I must go get warm now.”

            She ran away to get warm.  George and Greg continued on their trek… and they did complete it.

            In the meantime, you have a HAPPY PALM SUNDAY!!

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