The Poet’s Tender Heart

Rum and Robots

Poem by Joni Caggiano 3/15/21 – Clark Young – photographer from Unsplash – 40 second read

love, a raindrop, a snowflake, or the uniqueness of the flight of the leaf
moon shades of green bringing forth a canvas within the ocean’s kelp
songbirds sing for both you and me underneath the power of the same blue sky
black keys suit the music of your mystifying and powerfully winged words
white keys that are jealous are also poreless in the face of misery’s tapping
hindering happiness with scarlet seepings that birth thieves in the dark
like denying rest to a stigmata whose hands weep from her wounds
thin the skin that covers the allotment of the tender heart of a beloved poet
better to pierce one’s own heart than to cause pain, even unknowingly, to a bard
for our spirits question everything and feel all, bleeding white like the shielding cactus

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